Sample Lessons Developed for Illumination Practice and Art History: These three are from my portfolio of lessons designed to teach adults in the art of illumination. (Continuing Education Adult Courses)
For the Tracing, Practice and Development of Designs: Sample Illuminated Pages:
Sample Carved/Embossed/Decorated Book Covers: 
  1. A Gospel Book Cover from 16th Century Armenia
  2. Bible Cover with Metal Crucifix and Enamels  
  3. Gothic Bindings Stamped in Blind Tooling
Sample Illuminated Features: Boarders, Trims, Frames, Etc:
Sample Illuminated Letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z 
Sample Illuminated Alphabets, Handwriting and Calligraphy:
  1. Mesoamerican Writing Systems
  2. A Page From a French Apocalypse Text
  3. An Example of Cuneiform on A Clay tablet
  4. Two Example of Japanese Text: Tategaki
  5. Samaritan M. S. on Vellum
  6. St. John's Gospel Page in Greek 
  7. Sample Egyptian Inscription
  8. Portion of An Egyptian Funerary Inscription
  9. A page from a Coptic Liturgy 
Adult Coloring Pages: Biblical/Illuminated Manuscript Topics, Radial Designs and Overall Patterns
  1. A Scribe Transcribes a Psalm    
  2. A Storm at Sea
  3. Love Your Neighbor Butterfly
  4. Byzantine Birds
  5. Burial of Jesus 
  6. Tree and Bird Mosaic
  7. Madonna, 1518 
  8. Acanthus with Fruit Dish
  9. Arabesque Motif with Grapes and Plumbs
  10. Acanthus and The Fleur Di Lis
  11. The Gospel of Luke: Mosaic Patterns 
  12. The Gospel of John: florets and banner 
  13. Tulips and Hearts 
  14. Mosaic Design: cross and crown 
  15. Moresque Panel Design
  16. Potentilla Design 
  17. Cross Inside of A Radial Design
  18. Heraldic Design with Lions
  19. Thistle Design 
  20. Peacock Radial Design
  21. Spanish Woodcut of The Resurrection of The Saints
  22. Spanish Woodcut of The Crucifixion
  23. The Virgin Mary & Flowers
  24. Christ in Glory
  25. Crucifixion from St. Gall Gospels
  26. A Scribe at Work 

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